Letter from the Chair


Dear freshmen,

If I were endowed with youth, I would want to be a college freshman again. I would eagerly explore my interests, broaden my knowledge, and achieve the goal of being a unique person. Nowadays, knowledge is ubiquitous; you can gain valuable knowledge from relatives, friends, Internet, textbooks, teachers, social networking platforms, etc. Even the magnificent pyramids, the quiet Kiyomizu Temple, the Louvre Museum of art, and the blue tears are all filled with abundant knowledge. Heed the golden words that Steve Jobs once said, “Stay hungry, Stay foolish. Be eager to learn!

In any era, there is no shortage of novelties. In an era of rapid change, college freshmen are usually obsessed with things they have never experienced. However, before pursuing new knowledge, it is crucial to explore one’s inner self, cultivate a sound mind, and sustain your health. Then, you’ll be able to relish the taste of life.

Dear freshmen, from today on, appreciate the details because the devil is always in the details! Don't forget that the angel will help you fight against the devil! Freshmen, welcome to the big family of Ming Chuan! Please start planning, exploring, and enjoying your new life here! I wish you good luck!