(1) Having earned higher education accreditation from U.S. agencies, our Risk Management and Insurance department places equal emphasis on insurance business management, financial risk management, physical security systems, and related courses to cultivate professionals skilled in Enterprise Risk Management and Insurance.

(2)We offer special lectures within the curriculum for undergraduate, master's, and executive master's programs. These lectures feature presentations from industry, government, and academic professionals, enabling students to gain a comprehensive understanding of the international insurance market and risk management trends, enhancing their global perspective and preparing them for employment.

(3) Every class is assigned a dedicated class advisor who provides academic guidance and life counseling to students.

(4) Internship Opportunities and Employment Preparation:

Our department arranges annual summer internships at major insurance companies for students, along with 7+1 or 3+1 internship programs. We also introduce core insurance industry systems to strengthen students' readiness and competitiveness in the workplace.

Future Career Opportunities:

Graduates from our department have a wide range of career opportunities in various industries. The majority of our alumni find employment in the following sectors:

(1) Financial Holding Companies

(2) Government Social Insurance Departments

(3) Insurance Companies

(4) Risk Management Departments of Large Corporations

(5) Actuarial Consulting Firms

(6) Domestic Academic Research Institutions

(7) Accounting Firms