Course Requirements for Minor

subject                                                    credit
  • Insurance                                                                           3
  • Life Insurance                                                                 3
  • Property Insurance                                                    3
  • Risk Management                                                       3
  • Financial Risk Management                                3
  • Risk Control                                                                     3
  • Insurance Law                                                                3
  • Mathematics of Insurance                                    3

    Total                                                                                     24

For those choosing to minor in this department, the subjects listed above are considered as mandatory or elective courses from their original major and need not be retaken. However, they cannot be exempted, and related subjects may be designated by the head of this department as substitutes. During the period of study, if there are any curriculum adjustments, they can also be made based on the aforementioned decision. Additionally, students minoring in this department must complete a minimum of 24 credit hours.

Focused Course Program Descriptions and Requirement

Note: :
Students enrolled in these programs should complete a minimum of twenty credit hours, including at least 6 credit hours in subjects that are not part of their original department, group, degree program, or minor.